We Won!
Delft Win Space X Hyperloop Pod Trial

Find out how Delft University’s prototype won the first round of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Challenge and Win VIP tickets to Formula E.

Pick your Hyperloop route:

At the moment all Hyperloop routes are in the proposal stage but there is already great interest in the system with routes being suggested in many different parts of the world.

Explore our world map to discover some of the proposed Hyperloop routes between major cities – and see how much faster than traditional forms of transport it could be.

Route Los Angeles - San Francisco Route Paris - Amsterdam Route Helsinki - Stockholm Route Cracow - Gdansk Route Vienna - Bucharest Route Moscow - St Petersburg Route Perth - Sydney
World Map


Take a quick trip through time to see how high-speed travel has developed from the 19th Century to the present time.
Just slide the Delft hyperloop pod to reveal the key developments

DHL, Delft Hyperloop, and the future of logistics:
magnets instead of wheels.

DHL, Delft Hyperloop, and the future of logistics:
magnetic braking.